Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Volcanic Ash Aviation Back Threatens Europe

The British government today announced a number of flights were canceled. The reason is, volcanic ash volcanic eruption in Iceland results start go to British airspace.

According to a statement at the Foreign Office page, many scheduled flights to and from Scotland on May 24, 2011 is canceled. "The passengers are suggested to contact the airline concerned after they announced the cancellation of some routes,"according to advice from the British government.

British Airways said the airline would not serve the London-Scotland route. This policy applies to planes scheduled to land in Scotland before at 14 or who depart from the territory before two o'clock.

Dutch airline, KLM, has canceled services to and from a number of Scotland's main cities, namely Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Newcastle on Tuesday morning. Loganair also cancel most of today's schedule between the hours of 6 to 13. Airlines that operate the aircraft to the airport in Scotland and England.

A similar policy is also enforced by the airline Eastern Airways for the purposes of Norway and Scotland. Meanwhile, Iceland's Keflavik airport closed Monday.

The cancellation of many scheduled flights today due to the emergence of volcanic ash from Mount Grimsvötn which began erupting on 21 May.
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