Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oxytocin Nasal spary, Improving Autism Symptoms In Teens

The development of research in the treatment of autism continues to be, one of which is the use of hormone Oxytocin. From the preliminary study showed that administration of oxytocin in fact gave a fairly good response in the treatment of spectrum disorders autisme.Sebagaimana previous studies, which have been done by Dr. Angela S from France, and published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Similarly, Dr. Guastellas et al. from the University of Sydney, Australia using intranasal oxytocin, and this study has also been published in the April issue of the journal Biological Pyschiatry 2010.

Autism disorder is the presence of qualitative disturbances in social interaction and communication. Deficiencies in the ability to recognize emotions influence and contribute to the circumstances of this autism. There is currently no effective treatment to cure this problem. One agent that provides such benefits have been known before is the use of oxytocin, one of which was evidenced by the study design with randomized double-blind, placebo control, crossover. The researchers provide a spray of oxytocin nasal / nasal spray with a dose of 18 or 24 IU, while a control group given a placebo to 16 people teenage boys (12 to 19 years) diagnosed with autism or Asperger's disorder. While the parameters to be assessed include: the ability to read, think and the ability of the eye, and the ability to recognize emotional setbacks.
The results of this study with a placebo comparison, showed that administration of oxytocin improve Autistic sufferers in reading, thinking and the ability of the eye, as did the group given a lower dose of oxytocin.
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