Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Impact of Death Osama For the Internet World

The attack launched by U.S. forces to a house in Abbottabad, Pakistan killing Osama Bin Laden, the terrorist most wanted and also a famous figure often used in email scams.

Evidently, the report Spam & Phishing latest Report, Symantec says, news about Osama's death is rampant on the Internet is also followed by the spread of spam Internet users take advantage of the curiosity surrounding the death of Osama's latest news.

One example of spam in circulation is the message which infiltrated by Osama obituaries. Inserted in a piece of news < title >  HTML tags  are not  visible  by the user. This is most likely caused by spammers using news feeds from the official site  for scrambling the content  in the message.

However, as usual, the link provided in the email sent has nothing to do with the news that was published and it directs users to a site specific promotion.

"We also see related spam attacks in various languages​​, such as the Portuguese language,"says Symantec in its report, as quoted from Best Security Tips, May 24, 2011. "In his message, spammers claim they have a hidden recording moments of Osama's death,"says Symantec.

In the report, noted that previously, a message like this has ever appeared. Will fall victim to download the file, which then infects his computer.

Following the existing pattern, Symantec said that they see more outstanding than the official message spam, immediately after the death of Osama. "However, after 24 to 48 hours, we see more targeted and sophisticated spam attacks that take advantage of this incident," he said.

For example, spammers mimic messages from a major news organization and sent an email that claims that they will display photos and videos without censorship from the attack.

Phishing site shows a running auto-related video of Bin Laden in an iframe and asks the user to click a link to download the "whole" video. Users who click on the link will download a file. exe is detected as Downloader.

From the observation of Global Intelligence Network, Symantec observed a few examples of other malicious spam in multiple languages ​​including Portuguese, French, and Spanish.

The links in this spam email Downloader infect the victim's computer, which in turn download malicious programs that actually. Further analysis of this attack indicates that the majority of malicious attacks originating from Brazil, Europe and the United States.
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